A stroll in the garden and look at what we found……….

6 pm one mild Wednesday in November.

We took a stroll in our garden and look at what we found…

fairies and garden gnomes

First we looked down…


then we looked up…

our very first cherriescherries are ripe

One of our Black Orpington’s hoping to get some cherries. We love our Backyard hens, if you love chickens you should take a peek at this too.

having a peck

Have you had a wonder in your garden? What have you found? You may be surprised. x


2 responses

  1. When I explored my garden today, I found that my raised beds of kale, collards, cabbage, broccoli, onions, and garlic look pretty good, despite the past few nights below freezing. The lettuce looks really damaged and I don’t know if it will recover. We are east of Dallas.

    I wondered why the hens were all hiding in the henhouse, until I saw a big red-tailed hawk in a dead tree. We lost two hens to hawks this month and only have nine left. So we are chopping vegetable scraps for them and sprouting grains, since we can’t let them out very much.

    Enjoyed your photos.

    • Hens are so intuitive, I find they know when predators are lurking and they would much rather be safe in their hen house right now.

      Our old gum trees offered a haven for nesting Magpies and they swiftly swooped at anything that moved in attempt to protect their young. Umbrellas protected our heads as we couldn’t enter our yard without being swooped or screeched at! We did much the same as you, to protect our hens.

      Your garden sounds wonderful and I do hope your lettuce recovers. Extreme weather changes in the one day is common in Melbourne however we never drop below zero.

      Best wishes.

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